Services - Physiotherapy

A physiotherapist is a medical professional who treats a wide variety of injuries and physical conditions. Physiotherapy is recommended for the treatment of injuries to muscles, joints, bones and many others.


Whether it's for sports injuries, tendonitis, sprains, osteoarthritis, headaches or backaches, after surgery or for any other pain you have, physiotherapy can help you. 


Specific exercise programs

Program personalized to each according to your needs and your goals

Child Physiotherapy
Taping techniques

Several different techniques of proprioceptive taping (K-tape) and traditional taping such as for ankle sprains.


Therapeutic modalities

This includes, among other things, ultrasound, laser, interferential current, muscle stimulation, TENS


Physiotherapeutic needles

Very different from acupuncture. Works areas of muscle tension and trigger points using needles

MRI Scan Image

Concussion Management

Assessment and treatment of concussions and head injuries. 


Migraines and headaches

Assessment and treatment of symptoms and dysfunctions related to migraines and headaches.

Treatment Room

Lumbar and cervical traction

Traction table that allows you to stretch the spine comfortably and safely.


Manual therapy

Techniques used to improve the quality and quantity of movement while decreasing pain.


muscle relaxation

Therapeutic massage and myofascial release techniques with cupping to release muscle tension.

Portrait of Masseur


Effective treatment, among other things, for calcifying tendinitis in the shoulder and elbow and heel pain


Perineal and pelvic rehabilitation

Evaluation and treatment of pelvic pain, urinary or fecal incontinence, constipation, other urological conditions and pre and postnatal follow-up



 Evaluation and installation of a pessary to facilitate the contraction of the pelvic floor or in the presence of a prolapse (descent of an organ).